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Onsite Check-In Dashboard
Onsite Check-In Dashboard

Manage a real time overview of check-ins when you are on-site.

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  1. Login as an admin

  2. Go to Menu > Check-in Dashboard

How does this Dashboard work?

  • It shows all check-ins real time, this means you see the buttons moving to Yes when an attendee has checked-in themselves via the Onsite Check-In feature (read more)

  • You can filter on No Shows and click on Show once you see someone sitting at the meeting table.

  • You can click on a person to see a popup with their picture & last status 

  • You can cancel a meeting by clicking the cross

  • You can hit the options dropdown to reset status & send an reminder SMS/Email.

How do event organizers use this?

Once Onsite Check-In stands are installed and exhibitors received the link to check-in their meetings, you walk around with a tablet with this Check-In Dashboard opened. 

You filter by date & time (first meeting timeslot) and filter on showing only No Shows.

You walk around and check if the no-shows are real no-shows, if so you send them an SMS/Email reminder to show up by selecting the option dropdown > Send SMS. If they showed up, you click on YES.

This is the perfect way of quickly ensuring that all people show up and directly being able to deal with no-shows.

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