1on1 Meeting Journeys

The journey that each stakeholder of the event is going through. Hope this helps you to get an helicopter view of what to expect

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Attendee Journey:

  1. Attendee receives an email (Welcome) to request meetings with available hosts
    A. If hosts or interesting attendees are open to all meetings, seats can be taken on a first come, first served basis.
    B. Hosts can also choose to accept or decline the request for a meeting. In this case status changes of their request will be emailed.

  2. Attendee receives their finale schedule 1 or 2 days before the event, which they can easily upload into their personal agenda. 

  3. Attendee receives an email to connect with peers 1 day after the event. This email can also include a feedback or review form.

The email attendees receive to register for sessions is Magicl. :)

The email contains a personal magic link, which is connected to the registration information system. For this reason, their profile is automatically generated & auto-logged into the tool. 

The attendee sees the overview of the available 1-on-1 meetings directly and can request or sign up for meetings in just 2 clicks. There is also an option to require a motivation ‘why’ they want to meet this person.

Host Journey:

  1. Potential 1-on-1 meeting host receives an email to provide their topic & availability during the event & update their profile. Once confirmed, the 1-on-1 meeting sessions are automatically created.

  2. Confirmed 1-on-1 meeting hosts receive an email to invite attendees to meet. If activated, they can also accept or decline attendees’ meetings requests based on the attendees’ motivation.

  3. Hosts receive their final schedule by email 1 or 2 days prior to the event, and can prepare the meetings in advance.

  4. Hosts receive the ‘After connect email’ 1 day after the event, to exchange digital business cards with attendees they met.

Organizer Journey:

  1. Project Kick-Off: Sets up the event basics & defines the planning during a video call together with the Krowden Customer Success Manager.

  2. Imports potential 1-on-1 meeting hosts to the event and invites them to host a meetings-slot by email (Host Form Invite).

  3. Approves hosts when meetings sessions are not automatically activated

  4. Preps & schedules all emails to attendees & hosts.

  5. Imports attendees.

  6. Monitors the status of the event, changes topic titles when not popular. 

  7. Allocates meetings 1 or 2 days before the event, in the given timeslots.

  8. Prints exports 1 day before the event for their onsite event team.

  9. Evaluates the event together with Krowden Customer Success 

*Note: Meeting requests are just invitation requests and not actual meetings. Once the request is accepted or decline it converts automatically into a meeting.

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