Eventbrite tips & integration explained

What does this mean for your event? Eventbrite's information synchronizes with Krowden every 20 minutes.

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Eventbrite is leading, that means all the info from Eventbrite will be pushed in our tool every 20 minutes. ( the automatic synchronization).  

Note: Information updates can't go two directions, because Eventbrite does not allow this.

  • If an attendee buys a ticket and wants to change the details. This has to be done in Eventbrite.  
    Examples: They bought two tickets under the same email address. Their names are misspelled in the ticket, and thus in the emails coming from Krowden.

  • If you delete an attendee ticket, it will also be deleted from Krowden

  • If you put a ticket as an "inactive", it will also be inactive in Krowden

  • If an attendee clicks the link he/she is not attending anymore, you (organizer) will receive an email notification (unseat from all notifications, including the attendee details). Please update the attendee info in Eventbrite to inactive.

Few exceptions:

  • Event description, the first time it will be pasted from Eventbrite to Krowden. After the first time you have to edit the text on both platforms separately.

  • If an attendee buys a ticket, deletes it and buys a ticket again. (For example from a regular to a VIP ticket) Our system will remember the attendees profile and seats taken. 


  • In Eventbrite cancelling an order > means in Krowden person is set to inactive

  • In Evenbrite deleting an order > means in Krowden persons is deleted

  • If a person in Krowden is hosting a session will also be deleted

  • If an order is cancelled before in Eventbrite > will not be deleted but switched to inactive attendee in Krowden.

  • To make it permanently deleted, in Eventbrite delete the person from the order and then delete the order 

  • In Eventbrite you can delete the order or the person from the orderGreen = deleting the personBlue = deleting the order

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