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Recommended Exports to use Onsite
Recommended Exports to use Onsite

Print outs and exports to create before your event starts

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These are recommended exports (read more: create exports) to use at your event onsite.

Go to -> "Export Data" section:

  • Export list of seats (a list of who is going where at what time):
    You or your hostesses can use this list to look up which sessions attendees attend (in case they forgot their schedule).

    Tip: First filter sort the list on time and then on last name of the attendee. In this way the sessions show up in chronological order.

  •  Export list of sessions (list of sessions per area):  
    You or your hostesses can use this list to see how many seats are available per session and they can use the list when adding numbers to tables.

    Tip: Filter in Excel  the sessions per Date & Time. Delete columns you wont use.

  • Export print package in PDF:
    These sheets are meant to be put on the tables/given to the hosts. In this way the table host knows who to expect at his/her table.

    Tip: For 1-on-1s, include the motivation.

  •  Export seat list for Badges (to print schedules on people their badge):
    You can share this export with your badge printing company and let them print attendees personal schedules on the badge.

    Tip: Send the export to your badge company in time for the badge design. Send again the exports with the latest version just before the event.

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