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Allocate 1 on 1 meetings
Allocate 1 on 1 meetings

Before sending out the finale schedule, you have to allocate the meetings.

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1. Go to Menu > Exports > Export and Allocate 1on1 meetings

2. Click on view/hide > click on "2. create timeslots"
3. Fill out the 'number of meetings' within your timeslot (e.g. 4 meetings of 15 minutes) > click on submit
4. Click on Allocate > click on View Meetings to see the final meeting schedule.
5. Repeat for every timeslot.
6. Send out your Final Schedule to your Seated attendees (read more)
If not correct, click reset and repeat above steps.

Tips & tricks:

  • When you go to step one 1. Meetings > click view you see all the different time schedules per meeting.

  • To see the meeting timeslot start & end times, click on view:

  • If hosts have multiple time slots within their session, the number of seats must match. E.g. 5 seats if a host has 4 timeslots (1 host + 4 attendees).

  • Detailed host info fields (e.g. gender, bio, etc) are not required for a successful import and can be skipped if deemed not necessary.

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