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Costs of Krowden video links
Costs of Krowden video links

Pricing for Krowden video links/urls

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We have integrated the video conferencing tool Whereby for sessions up to 50 seats. (maximum of 12 people visible with video at the same time in the same session).

Our pricing is based on the number of seats. A seat is a spot in a workshop, roundtable or a 1-on-1 meeting.

Costs per seat/meeting: €0,75

You can buy a video calling seat package in advance or get a charge bi-monthly (1st or 15th of the month) for extra usage.

10 tables x 8 people at a table x 3 rounds = 240 seats
10 table hosts for 1-on-1 meetings x 10 meetings = 100 meetings/seats

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