Add an online session manually

Krowden embedded video tool creates video links (URL) automatically. Suitable for 1-on-1 meetings, roundtables & small group sessions.

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  1. Go to Sessions in your dashboard

  2. Click on add new session

  3. Fill out the session details
    Seats/Meetings: Number of seats/meetings is incl. 1 seat for the host.

  4. Click for location your preferred video link in dropdown.
    Option 1: Own video link: you can use Zoom, Teams, Webinar, etc. video tools. Just copy-paste the link in the location. If there is a separate link for host, use the toggle and add the extra link.

Option 2: Krowden video link: automatically generates links for up to 50 participants. Costs: 0,75 euro per seat. You can buy a video calling seat package in advance or get charge bi-monthly (1st or 15th of the month) for extra usage.

5. Click save changes

Here is a quick GIF!

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