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Seat credits explained
Seat credits explained
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Seat credit explained:

  • Seat packages can be used for unlimited events that can have unlimited attendees.

  • We count the sum of your seats created across all sessions per event.

  • If you add 10 sessions with 10 seats and later delete 5 because in the end the hosts cancelled their participation for your event, we still count this as 100 seat credits used.

  • You can spread the seats over unlimited events. E.g. if you have 150 seats package and 2 events: one in June with 10 sessions of 10 seats (100 seats in total) and one in July with 5 sessions of 10 seats (50 seats in total), you have 0 seat credits left.

  • What if an attendee attend 5 sessions? This is counted as 5 seat credits.

  • You can upgrade your seat credit package at any moment of time within the 12 month subscription period. When you cancel your subscription, left over credits are not longer valid.

  • If no upgrade is performed and you create more seats than your package includes, we charge you the over-usage seats x price of seat (depending on the package you are on). So for example if you have 150 seats and created 20 sessions with 10 seats, you have used 200 seats and pay 50 x €6,50 = €325 (if this is the price per seat) extra.

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