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Krowden Development Updates
Krowden Development Updates
Updated over a week ago

Here you can find a history of the latest development releases. In case of any questions regarding our releases, let us know via chat or email

14-02-2024 release

  • new feature: now motivation messages for meetings are visible in my-sessions and moderate-sessions to have them at hand during meetings.

  • new feature: in scheduling emails you can now enable "Add to CC" so that CC emails are included in the email you are scheduling.

  • new feature: zapier update session trigger added

  • new feature: zapier update attendee trigger added

  • new feature: added new authentication method for improved collaboration with external parties such as Cvent, event apps and other third parties.

  • improved: visual session editor

  • improved: when adding attendee that already exists show error message

  • improved: removing locations on sessions page

  • improved: bulk edit bar now dissapears after action is completed

  • improved: Final Schedule style is updated to make time & table locations more clear.

2014 - early 2024 releases

We shared updates by email to users, we have decided to keep a log from now on.

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