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Tips and tricks to boost your event - Checklist
Tips and tricks to boost your event - Checklist

Manage pre-event communication to boost sessions, increase ticket sales and to promote your event.

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  • Inform attendees about Krowden at your event website. Tell them about the tool, what to expect, and what the advantages are. Embed the sessions on your website – read more.

  • Instead of sender name [YOUR EVENT NAME], make it more personal, add a name, for example, Best regards, Lisa – [YOUR EVENT NAME]

  • Your welcome email may be too long, “call to action” might be too far down. Keep it sweet and short. Always remember, if someone opens the email on their phone – how far do they have to scroll down?

  • Timing is crucial. Do you know your audience’s highest opening rate?  In general, we advice: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday between 9.00 AM – 3.00PM.

  • Do you use hashtags? It’s important! Add a hashtag in the event or session name. When people share sessions, they also share your hashtag.

  • #Share, #share, #share! Share the sessions URL via your social media channels! Tag the host and event sponsor for more visibility and engagement. 

Make sessions more attractive for attendees:

  • Avoid words like 'sponsors', it doesn't sound friendly. Use more appealing words:  experts, exhibitors, delegates, etc. 

  • Instead of using company names, use topics.  "Meet Krowden", could become: "How to increase your event ROI's"

  • Use speakers photos instead of company logos; it's more personal. Additionally, the speaker is more approachable for attendees onsite.

Encourage more meetings requests

  • Set up the max meeting request to 2-3 times the amount of the meetings they can attend. Attendees will feel encouraged to request more meetings. 

Promote Tables

  • Ask hosts to promote tables online:)  Read here the article

  • If a table is not popular, we recommend the following:

  1. Update the topic to something more appealing. Don't wait too long with this!

  2. Delete the table before the event starts and inform the host (if still empty). You don't want your host to arrive at an empty table.

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