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How to test your event when live
How to test your event when live

How to run tests of your event beforehand and when already live, alone or with session hosts.

Updated over a week ago

It is possible to quickly find the answers to event set up questions and make yourself (and your hosts) familiar with the platform by running test sessions within your event. Krowden highly recommends doing this, especially if you are a new event organizer and/or have session hosts new to virtual events.

Testing can also be used to instruct the session hosts (in addition to sending out the ‘host briefing’ email), to make sure they know what to do and how to use the video calling tool.

  1. Go to Attendees. Give yourself and every other tester the tag ‘TEST’ by clicking on the pencil and adding the tag.

  2. Create a session group calles ‘TEST’ or similar. Set the visibility setting to ‘Only visible for attendees with all of these tags’ and enter the ‘TEST’ tag.

  3. Add test sessions into this group and set them up for when you like to have the test.

  4. Add yourself and your testers into these sessions, or let the other testers select them from the event page.

You can now run tests within your event without being visible to regular attendees!

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