Add basic information to your event

Add your logo, a description, a location and dates

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The first step when using Krowden is to add basic information to your event.

  1. Go to your manager dashboard > select Edit Event

2. Check and edit if require the following:

  • Event name that will be displayed on your event page.

  • URL which is the link people click/view to enter the event website.

  • If tickets are being sold or registration is being used, enter the URL where attendees can register/buy tickets.

  • Click on the connect event form powered by Eventbrite if using Eventbrite.

3. Location of your event: To Add new locations you can click on the MANAGE button to add locations, if it is a fully online event click on the check box for 'This is an Online Event'.

Event Date & Time: Edit/check to make sure the date and times of your start and end is right. Event closes is the date and time that you would like to end the ability for attendees to register for sessions. Usually 2 days prior to the event.

Date & Time zone Settings: Only change if require or based in another country.

Display language settings is by default set to the browser language of the attendees that use it, only change if very much necessary.

4. Event Logo: Upload logo which will be displayed on your event website. adjust as required to fit appropriately.

Event Description: Fill in a short and brief description of your event with relevant information to inform your attendees about the event.

5. Email sender name: name of an individual or organization from the event would like to be sent by.

Email reply-to address: If the attendee replies to the email sent, to which email the reply is to be received. (Use your support email)

SMS from: If using the SMS feature, name of the sender of the SMS.

Email Signature: The email signature that gets filled into all the email sent through the platform. Important to edit the text in red with your email address and any other changes as required.

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