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How to set up your event program in the Krowden system?
How to set up your event program in the Krowden system?

Best practices for setting up a clear and intuitive schedule for your event

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No matter how big is your event, setting up a proper schedule is one of the most important things for a successful event. After all, it's all about "WWW - Who? What? When?" Your event won't be a success if your attendees are unable to find sessions they like.

Ask yourself, “How can attendees easily navigate through my sessions?”

Once you have your event schedule, you can build its structure with "Group Tabs" and "Subgroup Tabs" in the "Sessions" section. 

Having a little bit more complicated schedule? It can look like this in the system: 

And this is how attendees will see it: 

Remember the group namings are just to help your attendees easily NAVIGATE through the event.

The fewer clicks to choose a session, the better. It’s important that a person won’t scroll down too far to find the right session. Make sure there is a good balance.

After having your schedule created, you need to add sessions. How will you gather your session content? How to do this? Please check the articles below: 

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