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How to restructure your event
How to restructure your event

Here’s how to create different tabs and move sessions into them, in order to create a clear and compact event structure.

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If you are adding lots of sessions, take a step back and look at the event structure. Do the tabs make sense? Is it as clear and simple for your attendees (and yourself) as it can be? You can reorganize it by moving around tabs and sessions.

Restructure tabs:

  • rename using the gear button

  • move under a different subgroup using the gear button

  • add new tabs using the Add new group button

  • rearrange the tabs by using the Change order button and drag & drop

Restructure sessions:

  • select (a) session(s) you want to move

  • select either edit (pencil) or Bulk action > Edit

  • choose a new sub- or parent group using the select parent group menu.

View the new tab structure using the Preview button.

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