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Before sending emails check the 'links' in emails
Before sending emails check the 'links' in emails

Important: test before you send out emails.

Updated over a week ago

First choose a person or segment where you want to send the email to. We always recommend to send a test email to yourself first, so pick yourself as test person. Give yourself the right tags (needed if you set visibility limits, examples: tablehost, 1on1 meetings, ticket type x).

  1. Go to attendees >  search for yourself in the Search Box > click email icon > select your email template. 

2. Scroll down and click Preview & send. You will see a preview of the email first. No need to worry that any email will be sent out. 

3. Open the links in the preview email in a new incognito window (right mouse click), this way you can check if the links in the email are correct.
Note: You will be accessing the persons profile you are sending the email to! Be careful not to perform any unnecessary actions.

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