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Schedule emails from the timeline

Here is how you can schedule emails from your timeline on the dashboard.

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Step 1 - Go to MANAGE EVENT > DASHBOARD and scroll down to see your email timeline as shown below.

*Depending on the concept of your even and your onboarding the emails may vary.

Step 2 - Click on Setup your first email.

Step 3 - You will then see an enlarged version of the email. All emails already have the perfect base templates for you to work on but we recommend changing this to the minimum and only make required changes.

1 - Here you can see who the email will be sent to, these are already pre assigned for you.

2 - The schedule email button allows you to schedule it to be sent out on a later date.

3 - Here is your email subject.

4 - You can send a test to yourself so that you can see first hand how it would look in your inbox. (this is highly recommended to do before scheduling or sending out an email)

5 - The save and preview button saves your email and any changes made to it and displays a pop up preview of how it will look before you send or schedule it.

Step 4 - To schedule an email click on SCHEDULE EMAIL button and then choose the date and time of when you want to send the email, then click CONFIRM.

Once you are happy with the email, you can move on to editing and checking all the other emails in the timeline by clicking on the circles of each email title.

Congratulations! You can now schedule your emails on your timeline!

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