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A step by step guide on using the compose email feature

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Step 1 - go to MANAGE EVENT > MAIL. The page will open with you already in the COMPOSE EMAIL tab.

Step 2 - Click on CHOOSE EMAIL TEMPLATE. here you will be able to see the many different available templates for your event, choose a given template.

Step 3 - Click on the CHOOSE ATTENDEE SEGMENT drop down, here you will be able to see the different segments of your attendees filtered to whom you can send the chosen email. (To send to a single person see this article)

Step 4 - You can edit the email to your preference but we highly recommend keeping it similar and only make changes that are required. On the right hand side you can see the attendees that the email will be going out too, here you can also choose to remove a particular attendee so that they do not receive the email.

Step 5 - Once satisfied with the changes you have 3 options - SEND A TEST, SAVE EMAIL OR PREVIEW & SEND EMAIL. First always test the email for yourself, you will get a preview just make sure your email is right on the top and then click the SEND A TEST button.

Step 6 - After receiving the test and everything looks great you can then click on PREVIEW & SEND EMAIL which will give you a preview pop up and then at the bottom of the pop up you can either SCHEDULE for later or SEND your email out immediately.

Congratulations you know everything there is to know about the compose email feature!

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