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Links in emails > get your link & Tags for mails [tags.tags]
Links in emails > get your link & Tags for mails [tags.tags]

Add links in your email. Copy & paste the ones relevant for your event.

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  • Edit Profile: https://[event.subdomain][token]

  • My sessions: https://[event.subdomain][token]

  • Choose your sessions: https://[event.subdomain][token]

  • Create sessions form: https://[event.subdomain][token]

Attendee lists

  • Attendee List (first name last name, jobtitle, company name): https://[event.subdomain][token]

  • Attendee List (jobtitle, company name): https://[event.subdomain][token]

Accept/Decline Links

  • Accept/Decline Meetings for Host: https://[event.subdomain][token]

  • Acccept/Decline Meetings for Attendees: https://[event.subdomain][token]

Customized event template for Startups <> Investor events

  • Questionairre Startups: https://[event.subdomain][token]

  • Questionnaire Investors: https://[event.subdomain][token]

Additional links

  • Popup to confirm their attendance: https://[event.subdomain][token]#join-session

  • Popup registration form for attendees to register: https://[event.subdomain][token]#attendee-registration

Final Schedule:  [finalSchedule]
Upcoming Schedule, especially interesting when your event is more than 1 day: [finalScheduleActual]

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