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How to add a pop-up video to a session
How to add a pop-up video to a session

This article explains how to automatically show an introduction video to your attendees when they enter a session

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If you have a video you would like to show to your attendees when they enter a session, for example an introduction, explainer or recap, you can add it as a pop-up.

  1. First, you need the embed link of the video you want to add. The video needs to be hosted online, for example on youtube, vimeo, etc. In this example we will use youtube.

a. press Share > <> (Embed/Insluiten)

b. Copy the complete youtube link in the embed code (as highlighted below)

Important: any other link will not work! It has to include ‘/embed/’.

2. Go to the session you want to add the pop-up to. Toggle Show introduction video and enter the embed link in the URL field. Click Save changes.

3. Enter Preview mode and check if the video appears when entering the session.

If it appears: well done!

If it doesn’t appear, check if you have the correct link and go back to step 1. If it still doesn’t work, contact us in the chat! :)

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